Short Bio: Jan Alt, Creative Director of 1828 by zoeppritz

jan_alt_zoeppritz_2013Founded in 1828 as “Gebr. Zoeppritz” by the brothers Jacob and Georg Zoeppritz to produce wool blanketsand flannels, ‘zoeppritz since 1828′ is one of the oldest wool weaving mills in Europe.

The company’s headquarters is still based today in the original building deep in the heart of the Swabian Alb, Germany’s textile manufacturing region where for centuries Europe’s finest wool products have been crafted.

In 2001, Jan Alt, Creative Director, takes over the stylistic direction of the internationally acclaimed home textile company and successfully re-launches the lifestyle brand on the market. Today, zoeppritz since 1828’ is renowned worldwide in the fields of lifestyle and home interiors.

Having grown up in a fifth generation entrepreneurial textile dynasty, at a very early age, Alt, today 44 years old, developed a distinctive passion for precious fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship. His career led him into a variety of European textile companies and in 2000 he was appointed managing director of a high-end Italian fashion textile producer in the fashion industry.

The extraordinary combinations of fabrics made from the most diverse materials, their treatments, innovative processing techniques and technology were highly stimulating sources of creativity for him.

This cosmopolitan world traveler takes inspiration from his many journeys throughout the metropolises of the world.

“Design surrounds us in all aspects of life- for me, the revolution lies as much in palaces as in the streets”, says Alt. “The historical archive of ‘zoeppritz since 1828′ is a virtually endless source of materials and traditional weaving techniques, as well as in design ideas.”

The sophisticated womenswear label1828 by zoeppritz’ came into being in 2013 under the innovative leadership of Jan Alt. It was an organic evolution for him to incorporate the savoir-faire from his longtime experience in the fields of textiles and interiors into an extraordinary fashion line.

Together with his team, he creates sophisticated looks with an unexpected mix of materials featuring high quality, individualistic silhouettes.

“The1828 by zoeppritz look reflects a woman who values classical, exquisite materials, innovative design features highlighted with fine finishings. We created this line for a woman who is at ease with herself. She has a strong sense of self-assurance and confidence with a subtle remarkability.”

The work of Jan Alt and his design team is led by four guiding Ieitmotives in all that they create – quality and tradition, trend and passion: ,,Quality and tradition have been the key factors of success in our more than 185 years of company history, trend and passion will lead us into the future.”