Short Bio: Bowie Wong

bowie wong portrait

Credited with a degree in pure design from Japan, and a graduate of stage & costume design at University of Manitoba in Canada, Bowie Wong joined the “Really Useful Theater Company”, who developed his appreciation of the detail of construction, and the essence of story within costume & staging. Working with the company boosted Wong’s desire to fully express himself through his unique style.

He began professional collaborations in Japan & Hong Kong, followed by several journeys within Australia that established his creative universe, an element of his design process that was already very strong.

Wong’s natural need for precision, passion, rigor and interpretation through techniques such as the manipulation of fabric is expressed through a style that is inspired by the combination of his Asian & Western cultures, as well as his theatrical influences.

Wong launched his couture brand at Australian Fashion Week in 2010, which caused such a frenzy among the Australian and International media, the entire 250-seat venue was full, leaving most of the 400 spectators to stand and watch. This triumph resulted in his 2012 collection being named closing designer and the “show of the week”.

During his career, Wong has been dressed numerous celebrities around the world. Some of his favourites include Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and Japanese mega star Anna Tsuchiya as well as the world premiere of the final Harry Potter film in London.

2014 marked his international debut in Paris.

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Twitter: @bowiewongdesign
Photo courtesy of Bowie Wong