Short Bio: Alexis Bittar

JEWELRY DESIGNER ALEXIS BITTARA prolific creator of three distinct collections, Alexis Bittar is celebrated for quality, range and integrity of design.

Lucite, Miss Havisham & Elements distinctively capture Alexis’s passion for texture, color and light by fusing semi-precious stones, classic 1970’s metalsmith work and Lucite.

A jewelry designer by trade, Alexis draws upon countless forms of inspiration to express his field of vision and voraciously seeks new mediums to extend his reach.

At the age of ten, Brooklyn born Bittar exhibited his entrepreneurial impulses early on, selling flowers from a personally designed, hand painted cart. On his 13th birthday, Bittar’s parents presented him with a box of vintage jewelry which sparked his appreciation for hand-craftsmanship and prompted his love of history. This gift, which he ultimately hawked on the streets of Saint Mark’s Place, introduced him to the New Wave Punk scene and led to his emersion in ‘club kid’ culture.

In 1990, at age 22, Bittar designed his first line of Lucite and semi-precious jewelry. Fueled by his parent’s passion for rare antiques, Bittar fused the aesthetics of Art Deco, Bakelite and Lalique glass to create his own breakthrough technique, a revolution in fashion jewelry. Alexis hand sculpted his Lucite collection in his East Village kitchen and sold his wares on the streets of Soho in New York City.

The early nineties gave way to an unadorned look, a backlash to the embellished dressing of the 80’s. Alexis’ accessible Art countered the minimalist movement with the production of bold designs and innovative, custom offerings. Alexis catapulted costume jewelry back into fashion, resurrecting what was once a languishing market. He held true to his vision, drawing attention to the individual and celebrating style as the highest form of personal expression.

His diverse consumer base celebrates the breadth of his unique sensibility. Alexis is committed to a customer following that is as broad as his varied interests suggest. Bittar fans view his one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creations as signature vehicles of self-expression. Whether he is custom designing a thorn-like crown for Lady Gaga, outfitting First Lady Michelle Obama for the State of the Union Address or adorning the arm of a self-governed MoMA donor, Alexis honors individuality in all of its multifaceted forms. His high fashion runway collaborations include; Mugler, Phillip Lim, Jeremy Scott, Jason Wu, Michael Kors and Burberry.

In 2010, the Council of Fashion Designers of America lauded Alexis for his range of influence, awarding him with the fashion industry’s highest tribute, the CFDA, ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’ award.

Bittar’s business is among the 5% of the nation’s fashion houses that support production in the United States. In addition to his contribution to job creation in the U.S., his atelier allows Alexis to closely monitor his creation from inception to completion.

Today, Bittar, the Creative Director and CEO of a multimillion dollar business, is expanding his enterprise by way of extension businesses, worldwide distribution and retail network development.

In 2012, Alexis embarked on a partnership with TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity firm based in San Francisco. Collectively, both entities will actively fuel all brand expansion efforts.