Salvatore Ferragamo’s Understated Elegance in Guam

GUAM, Feb 20, 1998 /FW/ — Ferragamo stores are known for its understated elegance.

With black and beige are the predominant colors, it gives an aura of an old world charm, yet modern.

The rich plush rugs, in beige with black edging are used in the boutique echoes the walls.

Comfortable seats, inviting customers to stay and browse, and try on shoes, are waited by a very well trained staff.

The shelves are well lit, showing only several pieces of merchandise, never cluttered, and can always pass a white-glove inspection.

Customers are encouraged to handle the merchandise through the open shelves.

Even the vitrines are open on two sides so that customers can both look and handle the merchandise.

This particular boutique is roughly 1500 sq. feet, and divided into two distinct sections, men’s and women’s. There are several subcategories: scarves, leather, ready-to-wear and home.

The Men’s Section echoes the Women’s Section: the plush chairs, open shelves, rich and opulent surroundings bathe in soft lighting.

Presentation is very straight- forward. And yet, you cannot miss the elegance and mystic that has always been associated with the Ferragamo name.

There are four display windows in this particular boutique: one outside and three inside. When these photographs were taken, the theme of the windows were Evita celebrating the movie Evita and also in honor of Evita Peron who was a regular customer of Salvatore Ferregamo when she was still alive.