Dolce & Gabbana: Upbeat & Modern

GUAM, Aug 28, 1997/ FW/ — Dolce & Gabanna, the hot new fashion house from Italy has captured the imagination of the young and trendy set.

Upbeat, modern with a touch of retro defines the House of Dolce & Gabanna. Its stores echo these description.

The white and modern desk that graces its entrance hides the cash register sits on Gothic designed floor tiles which is almost incongruent, and yet exciting to the eyes.

The front window displays Dolce & Gabanna signature forms in a straight line fashion. The forms do not wear any accessories, except for belts.

Leather goods are displayed in the vitrines higher and behind the forms.

The glass is part of the architecture and the window does not look like a display window at all, a very innovative approach in display windows.

Notice the tall black cylindrical belt holder, another innovative approach in displaying belts.

There are two entrances (only one is shown in the photograph) and both are on the sides, instead of the front. The two entrances are designed to attract customers from both sides of the hallway.

Not seen in the photograph are the theatrical lights which are used as spotlights, instead of the usual track lighting.

The boutique is divided into two rooms – literally, a front room and a back room. The backroom houses both folded and hanging merchandise for both men and women.

At the end of the hall are two dressing rooms (only one is seen in the photo).

Shoes and leather goods are also diplayed in this part of the store.

The back room gives a certain privacy to customers to browse and a sales associate is within hearing distance at all times for assistance.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Section are represented in the Back Room, the Men’s Section is at the far end towards the dressing rooms while the Women’s Section towards the forefront.

There two showcases are both for displaying merchandise and hiding understock.

Although they cut into the walkway of the customers, the showcases add a coziness to the atmosphere of an otherwise very sterile environment.

White upsholstery, black shelves, chrome fixtures, glass walls – these materials echo the modernism of Dolce and Gabanna.

This boutique is a study on modernism and innovative use of industrial materials in a store setting.