Brand Info: Roberto Cavalli

roberto cavalli logoLaunched in the early 1970s, the Roberto Cavalli Group is one of the most renowned and respected “Made in Italy” brands due to the creativity and stylistic innovation that has always distinguished its apparel, footwear, hangbags and accessory categories.

The Roberto Cavalli Group is active in Italian and international markets with the first line “Roberto Cavalli”, the casual and young line “Just Cavalli”, the signature line “Cavalli Class” and a younger collection for teens “Roberto Cavalli Junior”.

All of the collections, designed for both women and men, are complemented by a wide range of products manufactured by licensees, which include among others: silk and cashmere accessories, eyewear, watches, perfumes, underwear and swimwear.

The products of Roberto Cavalli Group are distributed in Italy and worldwide through an extensive network of 190 stores that counts: 91 Roberto Cavalli (of which 41 owned), 54 Just Cavalli boutiques, 28 Cavalli Class boutiques, 17 Roberto Cavalli Junior, as well as a wide network of multi-brand shops. The Hospitality projects counts on 12 “Cavalli Club” and “Cavalli Caffè”.