Brand Info: Hanley

From Fall 2016 collection
From Fall 2016 collection

Representing the life and style of Nicole Hanley, HANLEY is a sportswear collection of sophisticated designs that are intended to fit seamlessly into ones wardrobe. The brand is informed by Nicole’s life experiences, most significantly, her travels.

Each collection takes inspiration from a select location and tells the story of Nicole’s personal experiences there: people, places, style, culture, art, beauty, organizations, and philosophies all shape the HANLEY aesthetic.

The HANLEY trademark, with the latitude-longitude coordinates of New York City – Nicole’s “home” and the heart of the HANLEY story – is also a nod to wanderlust and the sentiment of origin and return.

Collaborations with local artisans provide the opportunity to work with others to create unique designs which offer a glimpse into each global destination, designs which remain true to the aesthetic tastes of the HANLEY woman.


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