Brand Info: KTZ

KTZ_aw15_Look-28Conceived in 2003, KTZ is a London-based fashion label under the creative direction of Marjan Pejoski and management of Sasko Bezovki.

In 1996, the pair opened the shop Kokon To Zai in London’s Soho, as a hybrid music and fashion store.

Kokon To Zai became a platform for creative projects and showcased cutting edge designers, which ultimately lead to the creation of the label KTZ.

KTZ designs men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing, but with couture detailing. The label is known for its raw energy and contemporary urban edge, along with its embrace of ethnographic references and multiculturalism.

The KTZ label creates a dynamic combination of contrasting elements: modern and classic; secular and religious; anarchy and severity; spectacle and depth. These details together create a unique label identity that is widely recognized and is worn globally by pioneering personalities in various creative industries, especially art and music.

KTZ operates two flagship stores in London and one in Paris. The label presents its women’s & men’s collections during London Fashion Week and receives international exposure.

(Photo: KTZ Fall 2015, photo by Randy Brooke, courtesy of KTZ)