An inside look at a Gucci Boutique in Guam

GUAM, Nov 27, 1997/ FW/ — When Tom Ford took over the helm of Gucci during the late 1990s, this Texas native revitalized and set new directions for an aging, almost tired label of the 1980s.

He changed the image of Gucci from the drab and dark green signature color to a brighter, more 90s look of chrome and white.

The new look of Gucci is streamlined, bright, young and vibrant. Plush industrial carpeting (two terms that are actually incongruent) was used in the boutique.

Divided into two distinct categories: men’s and women’s, both areas are subdivided for ready-to-wear, shoes and belts, and accessories.

Plush and modern furniture, fresh flowers, sparse surroundings – are the adjectives to use for Gucci’s new look.

Minimalism is exercised to its outmost, and yet, customers feel invited, and encouraged to handle the merchandise.

The men’s section, is smaller than the women’s section, yet it exudes the same vibrancy and richness. Fresh flowers dominate the setting, softening the harshness of the lines which is predominant in men’s boutiques.

Chairs are provided for customers for lounging, and in this case, for trying out shoes. Efficient sales clerks assist customers, although this is an open sell area.

Famous for its leather goods, the handbag section is located in front, and has a prominent place in the boutique.

Like the other sections, customers are encouraged to handle the merchandise with an open sell look and they still get assistance from the ever well-trained sales staff.