Short Bio: Fatima Guerrout

fatima guerrout portrait2“Where there is lightness, there is also gravity”, wrote the French poet Maurice Blanchot. The mystery of Fatima Guerrout’s designs draws its deep elegance from the quest for absolute lightness and fluidness of luxury fabrics, and their harmony with the body movements.

Her studies of fine arts and design have almost naturally led her towards haute couture. Thus, working with John Galliano, she developed a demand of rigour, extreme precision and mastered elegance; today they have become the signature of her talent.

With this experience at the studio of John Galliano, she built on her success by collaborating with the most renowned fashion houses in Paris, both couture and prêt-à-porter, such as Christian Dior, Givenchy or Cerruti.

In 2000, by joining forces with her sister Berkahem, lawyer and manager, Fatima Guerrout finally created her own “label”. She has thus gained the liberty to celebrate, with her subtle modesty and ethereal grace, the alliance of silk, silk tulle and lace.

By now, her name has become the synonym of dazzling sensibility in France, Italy, Switzerland, the United States of America and Japan. Fatima Guerrout has fulfilled the will of Madeleine Vionnet: “Dressmaking should be raised to a sort of an apostolate. Since it is French par excellence, it should express the French spirit: its moderation, taste and quality. And since it is devoted to the woman, it should glorify her and make every piece of clothing as perfect as a poem.”

By: Lucien Maillard