Prada in Guam

GUAM, Oct 19, 1997/ FW/ — Pretty in Prada! That’s the echoing world in the fashion world. Basic black, basic green, basic gray, basic white.

Almost all the colors and designs are basic. But what an addition to your wardrobe!

The boutique displays Prada’s simplicity in design – the signature mint green walls and mint green carpet, and custom-built shelves which are wall insets.

The style is open-sell, customers are invited to handle the merchandise – touch and feel the world renown quality and craftmanship of Prada.

The shelves are lighted both on top and at the bottom (behind the merchandise) casting a glow, which emphasize them. The dark colors contrast the pastel mint green walls.

Notice the recessed lighting on the ceiling which are unobtrusive yet warm, bright and inviting. The lights are evenly spaced around the boutique, no dark corners, emphasis are from the shelf lighting.

The two tables are used to sell small leather goods such as belts, wallets and pocketballs. Strategically placed at the center, both tables can be accessed on all four sides.

The front window is simple, straight forward and to the point. Frosted plexi glass was used to display the bags which create a floating effect. You almost don’t see the shelf, your eyes focused on the merchandise.

One purse on top, a pair of shoes in the middle and a grouping of three bags from the same design group of the shoes and bag on the upper level are used.

The sales staff are well trained and unobtrusive, not hovering, allowing the customers to browse. And yet, they are easy to find when a customer needs assistance and to make a purchase.

Simply perfect! That is Prada. This boutique wins hands down in my eyes, a personal favorite. The mint green walls and carpet, great lighting, spacious and yet small in area (this boutique is less than 2000 sq. ft). Great space design and use of lights.