Brand Info: Busardi

Busardi Couture HCF15 (26)

Co-founded in 2009 by mother and son, Busardi and Tuck Muntarbhorn, Busardi is a semi-couture label based in Bangkok, and is the first Thai label to show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Prior to launching Busardi, Busardi Muntarbhorn was creative director and head designer at family-owned Yoswadee, Thailand’s oldest surviving fashion house, founded by Busardi’s mother. Grounded in couture roots, Busardi’s collections are produced and embellished by highly skilled artisans in the heart of Thailand.

“It was important for me to remain true to my mother’s roots which were originally based on couture; however the realistic elements in Busardi’s designs reflect modernity, making it relevant to how women dress today and their modern lifestyles.” – Busardi Muntarbhorn.

From the press notes:

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