Agnes B: Fashion and Cinema

GUAM, Jan 1, 1998/ FW/ — Agnes B has been a well known designer in Europe for sometime. She has been here in the United States also, but had always kept a low profile. Agnes B is better known for leather goods and cosmetics here in the U.S.

Agnes B had always been into photography, art and the movies. Agnes B windows always feature an authentic movie poster that has been actually used in a movie theather. The window to the left is a good example. Clean, simple and to the point. Minimal propping – the clothes hanging on an invisible hanger, a purse and a pair of shoes on the floor. Only prop is the movie poster.

The boutique is divided into two distinct sections – Men (pour Homme) and Women (pour Femme). This side features the Women’s Section. Note the sparsity of the area. Very clean walls with only a movie poster and a floral arrangement to break the white wall. An outfit displayed using hangers break the line of the fixtures on the wall.

Shoes are displayed on the bottom of the hanging racks, while bags, belts and hats are on top. Designed like a walk-in closet, it is made to feel customers feel comfortable in the boutique.

Floor fixtures display sweaters and t-shirs and other folded merchandise. The tops are made of glass and always free of clutter for the customers’ use when inspecting merchandise.

The Men’s Area is basically the same as the Women’s Area, except that there are no floor fixtures.

Folded merchandise on wall fixtures hold most of the stock. Only hanging merchandise are the fashion items. Basic items such as jeans and t-shirt are folded.

A huge couch also graces the boutique for trying out shoes and for hanging out as they say. (not shown)

As expected, there is a Unisex Area in the boutique. Merchandise that can be used by both men and women are placed in here. The concept used is the same, hanging clothes on the walls. But, in this side of the store, shelves were used also to display folder merchandise.

The same floor fixture used in the Women’s Area is repeated here.

With a target market of 18-30 years old, Agnes B has caught the attention of Europeans and now trying to catch the North American market.

Price of merchandise is very reasonable and the quality is good. The clothes design leans on basic black and white and pastel colors, making it perfect towards the very young market that it is targetting.

Expect to see more of Agnes B on print ads and features on fashion magazines in the months to come.