AFFFAIR by Rufat Ismayil

Afffair Creative Director Rufat Ismayi (left) on the catwalk Spring 2020 show (courtesy)


AFFFAIR is an international fashion brand that always stuns in a room, through its elite and elegant, ready-to-wear meets hint of couture DNA. The brand takes its origins from The Land of Fire – Azerbaijan and it was brought to the world as a result of inspiration and vision of talented designer and Creative Director, Rufat Ismayil.

Though born in Azerbaijan, Afffair moved its brand to the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. The brand can be described as “Contemporary Classic” consistent for its astonishing, unconventional, modern silhouettes and designs.

AFFFAIR is inspired by a woman who is both sophisticated and powerful yet very feminine and desirable. She is the embodiment of confidence and naturally attracts attention by her strong presence and expresses her personality through her personal style.

Afffair has a garment production heritage which makes it possible to control the value chain from the creative process, designing and production development of new and innovative materials, serving them to create a one-of-a-kind garment that instantly becomes an object of desire.

Rufat personally is involved and overlooks all the areas of establishing each collection. From design and creative direction, to being in charge of the textiles and garment production factory, as well as the innovative and creative lab. You can follow Afffair on Instagram @Afffair.fff.